Pets leaving Singapore

You need to leave due to personal or work commitments and you cannot bear to leave your lovely pet behind? Fret not as we provide fuss free and efficient services to relocate your pets with you. 

  • offer tailor-made movement plan for your pet according to your intentions

  • offer 3rd party kennel boarding service for your pet in the event that you should depart on a different schedule with your pet

  • offer door-to-port pick-up and departing services

  • provide individual shipment for your pet

  • provide consultation and make proper arrangement to meet the export and import of destination requirements

  • handle all related actions including vaccination, veterinary consultation, quarantine & transportation, etc.

  • liaise with any parties involved including the government departments, legal representatives and the import agent (recommended by client)

Jack Russell dog on a suitcase.jpg
LetÃ_´s Travel! Dog and cat with a suit